Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Beautiful Outback Christian Romance 1950's era.

This book-  the second in the 'Vision Valley' Series is currently on special at
Amazon Kindle for 0. 99 Cents until 30th November.

A Sneak Read Preview can be see here: https://read.amazon.com.au/kp/embed?asin=B01JS9237G&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_1gVkybGE50QGG&tag=crysmarylin0a-20

This is a powerful  Christian Story of Love, Strength
and Commitment.

The Heroine Silva uses the Spiritual Word of God To Move Heaven and Earth in her bid to seek Redemption for the Man she Loves.

Our God is a God of Love.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

"Vision Valley Series" Book #1 Discovering Treasure - Book #2 Forbidden Fruit Temptation

Vyleen White
Format: Kindle Edition
I thoroughly enjoyed 'Discovering Treasure' I loved the air of mystery that was woven into the pages,
from secret identities, to revealing letters!
From the high life of Paris, to the outback of Australia.
Her character proved well able to meet the demands of the challenges that lay ahead! Like a true pioneer spirit,
she became a visionary, that would change the town for ever , to take them forward and to never look back .
I loved how it changed many destinies, bringing complete fulfilment and true purpose, Even to the dog Paris!
I found all the characters were just as enjoyable, and the story gave the feeling like you knew them all.
This book took me on a journey, and revealed some true to life issues, and spiritual insights.
I loved the outcome, how all came together, and became united as one family. I love happy endings. and this did not disappoint. I just did want it to finish, as usual, which is the hallmark of a good book.  Well done Crystal, you are a gifted author

BOOK #2  1950



Format: Kindle Edition
Author posted story on a group we share and it caught my attention. I have to say I enjoyed reading it.
This was a really touching Christian love story that reminded me a little of the love story of the main couple from the
TV series "The Thorn Birds", except this one has a sweet HEA. From start to finish this Christian love story spans
about 3 years. It starts at the point that both H/h finally notice each other, but are at a crossroad about what
they want out of life and at age were they finally see each other as adults. I really enjoyed this story.
The struggle these couples face towards their HEA helped them grow as person, spiritually, professionally and
I felt helped them appreciate each other more at the end. This is a clean read and the main focus was on their
journey to the HEA. There was period couple was separated, and we follow the heroine's own journey to adulthood.
Characters in the story had strong Christian beliefs and the story includes prayer and mention of their Christian faith.
The ending was real nice.
Happy Ever After.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Loving Jesus and performing HIS Will.

As a Christian and as an Author, I like to share the Good News of Jesus, in a simple to understand method.

Many non Christian will not accept a Bible as a gift, And yet, many will accept a good Love Story, with Romance, Suspense and Temptations...

Do you know that God call's us all, to go out into the world and tell others about SALVATION.

Whatever Gift God has given to you, use it to proclaim HIM.

My Books are not expensive, I do not make a lot of money from them.
Yet they bring me joy just knowing, they may change someone's life.

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And otherwise ONLY $3.99...

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Amazon Romance Book Review

ARS coupled  with the Great Depression in a fantastic blend of love

on March 18, 2016

Discovering Treasure by Crystal Mary Lindsey brings the limelight of the roaring 20’s, coupled with the Great Depression in a fantastic blend of love, romance, new beginnings wrapped around a theme of seeking the Kingdom of God first and laying up treasures in heaven.

Treasure Gilroy, as the main character, leaving her life of fame and fortune as a model for New York, London and Paris, is headed for the Australian outback. Seeking a new start, after receiving her late grandmother’s inheritance, Treasure sets off on a journey to discovery of herself. Within that, she discovers love and that leaving the past behind for a new life in God is possible.

With many twists and turns, readers will understand that where their heart is, there is also their treasure. This a wonderful Christian fiction novel that gives light and hope amidst life’s turmoil that ends in goodness and seeking the Lord. With a gift of insight into spiritual matters, the author takes readers on journey of the heart to find the treasure that lies within them, encouraging them to seek God and that “good” can come out of life’s journeys. Mixed with teachings on love and forgiveness, the author displays the sanctity of marriage as to be revered, and friendships and helping the poor to be an honor.

Reading this novel will help bring light and wholeness into your own life, as you consider your own journey with God and with the people you love. We all like happy endings, and indeed this Christian romance has happy endings for all the characters involved. You will not be disappointed with this uplifting romance! A recommended must read for those on a journey of the heart.