Thursday, November 29, 2018

Brutality with Savagery in the Middle East

The evil world of the East. Using wealth and power to lord it over the poor.

Many women from Sri Lanka and other third world countries live in desperate situations.

They are unafraid of hard work and do so to support the families they love. Many travel and work as maids or should I say slaves, in eastern countries such as Arabia.

They are promised a good wage for working long hours as a house maid. Instead their reward
is to be tortured in the cruellest fashion.

I don't like writing about these atrocities yet they need to be shown to the world for what they are.

Read this:

Twenty four nails driven into her body.

Domestic Maid brutally cut in the face with scissors.


We don't want people who commit these inhuman acts to come and savage our country. Our Families and our People. 

LOOK and understand because its real. 

A Young woman damaged beyond repair.

                     Before and after.


                               An English woman

There are many and MUCH worse. Some are beaten to death.

I thank God for leaders like President Trump who are not only aware of how evil people from these countries are.... He will stand strong to prevent their invasion into the U.S.

Hopefully our new Australian Prime Minister will act similarly. 

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