Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SAVING LIVES ~ Finding LOVE.... Cherished Encounter ~

Cherished Encounter..


Hallo - So you think life has defeated you - Well my motto is : "It's not where you come from

that matters -  but where you end-up that counts."

My beginning in life was happy until I reached two years old.      I don't remember that time. 

I don't remember my parents!  and this has always hurt me.

Deep inside I want to know what no-one has ever told me.....

WHY?  Why were my young parents murdered??

To the world I look like a self-assured professional woman. One who has her life altogether.

Only I know -  my struggles and hurt..... This is my story. One of how I overcame adversity

-and how I found myself, my faith in God, and through HIS strength, a career helping others,

plus a love filled, happy  life..
I journeyed hundreds of miles inland to find a new life. I went to work in a medical centre. 
Every two weeks - I took turns with other doctors, working for the day as a Visiting Medical Officer in the local, understaffed, country hospital.  
My work was fulfilling.
The peaceful dusty Outback has herds of native animals roaming free.

Camels and Kangaroo's 

  There is a community spirit, where people care about one another and socialize together.

 Much to my astonishment- I meet a handsome yet very angry Apple Orchard owner.
Why does he speak to me as he does?    It is perplexing.

It takes time for him to trust me - and before he does, I find him arrogant and overbearing. 

Besides all of this, I cannot shake off the desire to know and understand, the demise of my parents. Who would wish to murder them?

                                    Our only connection is a wedding photo, happy YET silent.

 Because of them, and God's love for me,  I know for certain, my parents reside in HEAVEN.           I will find them again one day - in God's time.

Through all the years - my one real Heavenly connect, are the two Angels who are always with me.


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