Thursday, March 24, 2016

Amazon Romance Book Review

ARS coupled  with the Great Depression in a fantastic blend of love

on March 18, 2016

Discovering Treasure by Crystal Mary Lindsey brings the limelight of the roaring 20’s, coupled with the Great Depression in a fantastic blend of love, romance, new beginnings wrapped around a theme of seeking the Kingdom of God first and laying up treasures in heaven.

Treasure Gilroy, as the main character, leaving her life of fame and fortune as a model for New York, London and Paris, is headed for the Australian outback. Seeking a new start, after receiving her late grandmother’s inheritance, Treasure sets off on a journey to discovery of herself. Within that, she discovers love and that leaving the past behind for a new life in God is possible.

With many twists and turns, readers will understand that where their heart is, there is also their treasure. This a wonderful Christian fiction novel that gives light and hope amidst life’s turmoil that ends in goodness and seeking the Lord. With a gift of insight into spiritual matters, the author takes readers on journey of the heart to find the treasure that lies within them, encouraging them to seek God and that “good” can come out of life’s journeys. Mixed with teachings on love and forgiveness, the author displays the sanctity of marriage as to be revered, and friendships and helping the poor to be an honor.

Reading this novel will help bring light and wholeness into your own life, as you consider your own journey with God and with the people you love. We all like happy endings, and indeed this Christian romance has happy endings for all the characters involved. You will not be disappointed with this uplifting romance! A recommended must read for those on a journey of the heart.


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