Monday, January 18, 2016

BOOK of the WEEK ~ Angels book review:

Angels book review: Book of the week.< (CLICK FOR LINK)

: Book Of the Week 18th JAN 2016 I had a request form Crystal last week to review her book Started it last night and loving it so far.

Format: Kindle Edition
Wow this book is one of the most impressive books I have read in quite some time. Ariana Ross is leaving her old life behind. Her parents were murdered when she was very young and she was brought up by family members. But now at the age of 27 she is wanting to go out on her own and she is offered a job working with friend of her Uncles. She sets out of town in her Yellow Volkswagen Beetle, and along with her for the ride is her two guardian angles Goodness and Mercy. As she starts her new life she finds the love of her life Zane Lombardi who helps her find out what happens to her Parents all those years ago.


  1. Wow, this book looks really good. I shall add this to my reading list. My reading list on Goodreads has way too many books on it, so I may just need to blow most of it away and start again. I currently have two books that I have promised to read and review, so I will place this book in third place. I love the title and the review above is intriguing. I also have a couple of books that I have read and promised reviews for, so I had better get more busy.

  2. Hi Mate,
    Thank you for this.
    I have been off line and am currently using my laptop at the library.
    I will appreciate that review... they are hard come by.
    I am an avid reader also.. My son has been ill and my daughter bought me the book that goes with the movie, "War Room." It is excellent and has been a great help.
    Love and blessings

  3. Hiya,
    I had forgotten that I bought the eBook last December.
    Oh well I am a goldfish after all, but fortunately Amazon reminds me if I have already purchased something.
    As soon as I get time to read it, a review shall be done. I have seen the movie 'War Room' - brilliant!!
    I now have the eBook on my reader, so that is also on my TBR list *wink*
    Love and blessings,