Friday, December 18, 2015

Discovering Treasure ~ Let's Dream Romance.


I guess women love to read romantic stories and thrill to understand how happiness can finally come about when it may not look like it ever will.

As an author I enjoy to weave such stories. To lead the reader on a tale of secrets, relationship up's and down's, and the discovery, that all is not perfect in true love.

However, because I am also a psychology graduate it is good to help the reader to realise in life we must all give as well as take. I pray that reading this book gives insight into human behaviour and that we all need to work at being kind.

Happiness results when we all consider the other person in our life.

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Take a World Famous Model and a lawyer who served as a fighter pilot in W.W.1.....

How will their lives work out?

This is the 1920's when life was a time of caring for others.

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