Friday, August 28, 2015

DREAM of a Better Day

I have always been a reader of Beautiful Christian Inspiration Romance and that is perhaps the reason I have written in the same genre. (Not This Book).
During my many many years of tribulation and hurt, I lived in a dream that my life was a happy one.
I pretended I lived on a big property in the country and that my husband rode home on horseback with the setting sun. He would enter the house gladly with open arms to greet myself and our children, and his love surrounded us. I can still picture those dreams and him standing tall smelling of work and with a smile shining on his face.
Pretending this helped me live through every endurance.
I wonder how many of you reading have existed in the very same way?

The book "Abused without Mercy" is beginning to be noticed. Not for its literacy excellence, because it surely is NOT that. But rather for its raw plain truth of a journey through pain and into joy.

One of the reviewers expressed her opinion of the story like this:
"After reading "Abused Without Mercy" I broke inside! Deeply buried memories suddenly resurfaced and my tears flowed like a river! For the very first time I really understood! I was living life believing I was damaged goods, never quite good enough. While the memories were unpleasant, the healing flowed through my spirit like a very cool, bubbling stream. What precious refreshment! I knew Christ forgave me when I had asked years before.  I had pushed everything away and never understood I needed emotional healing as well! The abuse was NOT my fault! It was NOT something I deserved or brought on myself! I encourage everyone to read this book! It is a great encouragement as well as a testimony of God's perfect restoration!" ~ Thank you L for sharing this.~

So, for all the Abused persons out there, for all the battered and broken, you are not alone.
Others have felt your pain and others have walked your walk.

It is time to stand up - It took me twenty years. How long will it take you? Not as long I pray.

Share your story in truth and help others to understand they are valuable and accepted.


    Be Happy and Carefree, Living in Gods Beautiful Creation...


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