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Shadows of Time - Sneak Preview.

A Sneak Preview:
The bush telegraph was the fastest communication in the outback.  In due time, Ariana figured new patients would come only to gander at the new doc who treated a man named Harry without asking for a cent. She figured she would soon become another one of his stories. Feeling happy, rested and refreshed she put a CD in and continued towards her destination. She joined in the chorus, singing at the top of her voice , "You raise me up so I can stand on m.... !" Then the implication of the words she was singing settled over her. Yes, it was true! With God's support, nothing was impossible.
With her soprano voice, Ariana sang to God with all of her gladdened heart. She sang to the hills, and she sang to the mountains and to the dales. The singing kept her mind active and awake as the miles sped past, rushing her on to her unknown future. Lunch sometimes had the effect of making her drowsy and lethargic --- but not today; she was too excited.
She rejoiced in the blessing of meeting and speaking with Harry, and she hoped they'd meet again. He was a storyteller and told them well. Ariana imagined him sitting around a campfire. Billy on the boil for a cup of tea, oilskin strewn on the dusty ground, with his comfortable swag lying on top for him to snuggle in and sleep the night.  Overhead, billions of stars shone, featuring the glowing Milky Way and the Southern Cross. Meanwhile, hunched backs of tired men rested on age worn logs after a gruelling day. Someone bent forward to stir the coals with a stick and then watched a display of explosive sparks escape from the crackling fire. They rocketed into the air and fell to earth, sizzling on the ground before smouldering and dying out. She imagined the tantalising smell of stew and damper baking in iron pots. Solemn silences as each man kept his tired vigil . Then Harry telling his yarns, lifting the gloom and brightening the mood. Ariana could hear the chuckles and maybe a good natured response of, "In yer dreams, mate!"
She smiled. he was a special character, and she knew God loved him. After driving a little longer, Ariana pulled over to ring Dr Zadro and let him know she'd almost arrived.
"I've been expecting, you my dear! You can't miss the medical centre; it's on Main Street, in the middle of town."
Her uncle's friend had invited her to stay in his home as part of the family, but Ariana graciously refused and booked herself into a motel. While appreciating the offer, she sought independence to spend time looking around the town and house hunting at her own convenience. She wasn't due to begin work for another week and hoped in that time to have her life, somewhat organised.
With approximately another half hour of driving to go, she concentrated on the well-worn road and all the stories it held. She was now one more person to travel it ... and another tale to be told. At last, at around two o'clock in the afternoon, a WELCOME TO THE GRANITE BELT road sign indicated that she'd arrived at her destination. Rolling countryside with flowering trees and wildflowers amidst pasturing animals and quaint cottages soon became town scenery. Trees lined the centre of Main Street in a welcoming salute. Like guarding soldiers, they stood at attention.
Ariana passed a police car on patrol and then saw the medical centre. It looked professional yet hospitable, a typical Australiana low-slung light brick building with a dark green corrugated roof. She parked her car and made her way to the wide entrance that greeted visitors, doctors' gold name plaques displayed on either side. Ariana visualised her own name, Dr Ariana Ross, among the others.
As she entered the reception area, she took in the polished timber floors and timber beamed ceiling. The walls were a terracotta colour, and the room, filled with people, was furnished with a television, dark brown leather lounges and chairs lining the walls. A well-lit fish tank stood in a corner, two young children kneeling with their faces pressed against the glass. Inside the tank, a treasure chest opened and closed, with bubbles escaping, while goldfish swam back and forth, entertaining their enthralled guests.
The medical staff bustled, attending to numerous duties for both patients and doctors. Ariana approached the counter, feeling reluctant to give them more work. One woman raised her head and smiled a warm greeting. She stopped what she was doing with papers held mid-air and said, "Can I help you?"
"Hello, yes, thank you. Dr Zadro is expecting me. My name is"
This is an abstraction from the book, Shadows of Time by Crystal Mary Lindsey, and available on-line from major book sellers.

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