Friday, April 12, 2013

Contest to WIN my BOOK

This is a Book Contest. 

The Prize is a KINDLE copy of my first book, "Shadows of Time."
Everyone LOVES to be a winner and in this contest there will be TWO ( 2)  Winners..

All you have to do is write WHY you would like to win a Kindle version of this story..
1) It may be because you love Christian Romance books...
2) Or... you wish to read a great Inspirational Story written with an Australian flavor, in the Land Down Under.
3) You may want to know how one young woman turned her Scars into Stars. 
NO!  Its not where you come from thats important, its where you choose to go with your life.

This contest will end on the 30th of May 2013.
Please post in the comment section.
You will need to be a Blog owner or Facebook member, so that I can contact you. 
Put your thinking cap on, and all the best. 


   ALWAYS...........Believe In God and What YOU can Do, Through Him .. 


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  2. I'd love to read your book as I adore inspirational romance and particularly those with an Australian setting and books that deal with turning scars into stars.
    Also I emailed you about editing your next book but have had no reply. My email is Crystal.

  3. Hello Wendy, I didn't get that email from you?? Thank you for telling me now and for your email address... I will get back to you when I am feeling better Blessings.

  4. Well Wendy was my only visitor so she will receive the book.

  5. My copy of your book came in the mail today at last! I can't wait to sit down and start reading it this evening :))

    1. Thank you for buying. Tell me your opinion? Blessings.