Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Inspiration in this Book

Always be inspired by what you read.
Read that which will build you up and help you to be the person God wants you to be.
We all need to dwell on positive affirmation.
And God encourages us all of the time through His written word.
My book, Shadows of Time was written with this in view.
No matter what or where you come from.
God has a plan for your life and His plan is a good one.
Yours is the choice, to follow Him and reap the rewards, or, to fullfill your own desires.
Gods way is the best way.
Its the way to Eternal Life.



  1. I love a story with romance and your book Shadows of Time has it all. Reality, intrique and mystery are there too. I enjoyed your book and recommend it to others.

  2. Thank you so much. I am currently enjoying yours also. Isn't the computer a wonderful way to meet people we otherwise never would. I am now up to The Violin... Its lovely to see the world through your eyes as a child. I believer there is still much of the child inside you. Blessings. xx