Friday, August 3, 2012

I Believe in Angels

I do believe in Angels and thats why I write about them in my story, Shadows of Time..
The angels I write about in my story are the two who were given to me at a difficult time in my own life.

While relaxing on the lounge, watching television, I was 'told' in my mind..... "Goodness and Mercy, will follow you, all the days of your life."

This message rang true,  as it is a part of the 23rd Psalm, yet at that moment I knew, these  were the names of my very own angels. 

Psalm 91:11 it it written.....
"For He shall give His angels charge over you,
To keep you in all your ways." 
So this is a confirmation, that angels are real and are sent by God to care for us. Angels are NOT given to be worshiped by us, but to care for and protect the child of God!   
To be given these angels was a tremendous honor for me. And so, I share them with the reader in my story. 
They go everywhere with my heroine, Ariana. Ariana has been orphaned as a small child, and yet, she is never alone. She acknowledges their presence as they allow her to know when they are near. 
I hope when reading this book that the fact that God never leaves you alone, and has designated  Angels to always be at your side, caring for you, becomes apparent. 

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Thank you. 


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience At Tell Me a Story. Your knowing that Goodness and Mercy are following you and that angels are real is something that I also believe. We are not to worship them, as you said, but they are for our protection.

    1. Its great to know they are always near.

  2. I like your words in this blog! Thankyou!



  3. I've never SEEN an angel or two or three connected to my life, BUT did have an experience a few years ago that I have to trust.

    My husband and I, a lady friend, and a guy we love, were all praying by a Planned Parenthood building in Omaha. One reason was simply that I knew the history in that location and God had laid it on me to have this spiritual warfare prayer time. We didn't make any big scene. Actually, we hung out by B.K. next to that building, and just casually prayed together. When we finally left, we were walking a couple blocks away to reach the parking lot for our cars. My husband and I were walking in front of the other two, and my friend, Virginia, said, "Oh, Joanne. You have an angel walking on each side of you... they are about 7 feet tall and both carrying weapons. They will protect you." [I was leaving town the next day to go to another state to deal with some spiritual "challenges" and teach the locals what/how to do it.] So, it would be nice to have a gentle angel patting my hand and heart and just encouraging me. BUT I, more often than not, need an "army" angel. And I'm one grateful woman! [BTW, a couple months later it was revealed that the Planned Parenthood was closed; a Christian child caring place took it over. I rejoiced BIG TIME!!]

    1. Isn't that amazing... we never know how the Lord will always protects us. Blessings and love sent.

  4. Sounds like a lovely story, Crystal. I look forward to reading it some time:-)
    Hello from the old aussiewriters blog.
    Wendy Sargeant

    1. Hello Wendy, So good to hear from you. xx

  5. Hello Chrystal,
    I got your message about editing your book. I replied asking you for the wordcount. My email is