Monday, January 16, 2012

Encouragement from a Reader

A letter received to-day
From Nancy, of Bulls Gap. Tennessee. 

I loved your first book.
It is bright and sparky, lovely and good.
A wholesome painting of God and full of female descriptions. 

I enjoyed your description of Tea Time, and sharing of hearts.
Of nursing things, bandaging the man in the restaurant, and diagnosing the woman living in a spousal abuse.
And, I loved Ariana falling in love with Zane..

Me: God bless you Nancy and thank you. 
Your letter was a welcomed surprise.
I value your support dear friend,and sister-in-Christ.


  1. What a wonderful response! You must be thrilled, Crystal Mary :) Here's to many more like that one ;) Can't wait to add my own cheering too. xx

    1. That so nice of you Dot, I look forward to reading yours also. x